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A wide selection of accessory lines that are made through collaborations with artisan groups around the world, giving them fair work opportunities and creating unique designs that make you feel good! 

And, since we are passionate about saving the planet, it’s important to us to find creative ways to repurpose materials from the waste stream. 


Chic Made Consciously works in collaboration with local artisans in Bali who are the makers of each accessory handcrafted from tires. We have established partnerships with this community, which includes payment of fair wages set by the Art Cycle Bali team, no child labour and ensure the artisans are in safe working conditions.



Craftworks Cambodia is an organization working to provide vocational training and marketing skills to home based producers through the sale of contemporary arts and crafts items. Our partnership with this organization allows us to help employ 4 workers to create a line of accessories and jewelry based on the finest aesthetic and artistic traditional workmanship of Cambodia.


We partnered with Tonlé, a zero-waste ethical fashion manufacturer based in Cambodia, to create a unique collection of accessories made exclusively from fashion off-cuts and textile waste.  


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