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What is Clear Givings?

Clear Givings is a marketplace founded on the idea that shopping and charitable giving are natural siblings.  We believe that shopping should be done as ethically as possible, and we have brought together companies who share the values of social and environmental justice.  

Great deeds are being done around the globe by individuals and organizations working to address the great challenges of our times.  We applaud and support them, and encourage our customers to do the same.  

How is my order shipped, and when will I receive it?

Your shipping costs depend on the number of items you are ordering and from where. No order will have a shipping cost over $12.00. Your item(s) will be shipped to you directly from the company that made or distributes it.  After it is processed and packaged, you will receive tracking information. If you’ve ordered multiple items, they are likely to be shipped separately, in multiple shipments. If you need help, please reach out to us at info@cleargings.org.

Do you ship overseas / internationally?

At this time, we ship to the United States and (some products) to Canada, although we hope to expand internationally soon.  Stay tuned.

What if I need to return an item?

We want you to be happy with your purchase.  Because we offer products from many companies, the return policy may vary according to the product and company, and returns are made directly with each company.  In general, returns must be in new condition, and returned within 30 days. (There may be some exceptions). Some products are not returnable, due to sanitary requirements.  Submit a requesthere, and we will do our very best to assist with your return.  All shipping for returns/exchanges must include a tracking number in order to track the delivery.  

What is the warranty on products?

Warranties are product specific of course, and all warranties are addressed by the company making or shipping the product.

What if I have an allergic reaction to a product?

Always consult a physician, and if you’ve already had a reaction, stop using the product immediately.

Can I use your body products or CBD products if I’m pregnant?

Some products may contain essential oils that may not be suitable during pregnancy or while breast feeding. With such products, and with all CBD products, we recommend consulting your physician for guidance.

How do I create (or edit) an account?

You will create an account when you checkout, or you may create onehere.  Simply log into your account, click on details, and make any necessary changes.

How do I know my donation goes to the charitable organization?

We are currently directing you to the organization(s) of your choice, where you will make your donation directly to them.  We do not collect, handle, or profit in any way from your donation.  Please give generously.

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