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Here are 7 reasons why our products are the best-of-the-best:

  1. We only use organic hemp grown on small farms in the U.S. that’s certified by the industry-leading U.S. Hemp Authority
    • Why this is important: Hemp is considered a “bioaccumulator,” which means it absorbs pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers more than other plants. 
  2. Our CBD products are full spectrum (not isolates).
    • Why this is important: You get more beneficial cannabinoids (which studies show produces an “entourage effect.”)
  3. Our CBD is CO2 extracted.
    • Why this is important: CO2 is the cleanest chemical-free method of extracting cannabinoids like CBD from the hemp plants.
  4. We send every batch to an independent lab to test for purity.
    • Why this is important: You know the amount we say on the bottle is actually in the bottle and doesn’t contain pesticides, heavy metals, mold, pathogens, etc.
  5. Our prices are the best in the industry for products that meet all the stringent criteria above.
    • Why this is important: Most brands that are US-grown, sourced from organic hemp, and full spectrum are double the cost of ours).

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